Quartz web framework

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Quartz is a lightweight frontend web framework that is designed to make the frontend of web application development easy. Quartz includes a grid system for responsive development, along with some basic text styles, and a few other useful components.


Quartz is currently in those painfully early stages of development. If you have any interest in contributing, please do! Feel free to submit any issues, features, or pull requests on the GitHub page.


To install via npm

npm install quartz-framework

To install via bower

bower install quartz-framework

To install by cloning this repo

git clone https://github.com/michael-hamilton/Quartz.git


To use Quartz, simply link the quartz.css file in the <head> of your project. Refer to the documentation for more specifics


Quartz is released under the MIT license. Have fun with it.


Quartz is developed with love by Michael Hamilton